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About Satya

Dedication to our cause requires a team of caring, experienced professionals. First and foremost, Satya represents a promise, both to our clientele and our community. Our mission is to champion the well-being and mental health of all community members through education, intervention and treatment.  Satya strives for the highest level of mental health care and education, while simultaneously directing our resources towards the kaleidoscope of unique needs that make up the Bay Area. Be it through direct education, workshops, early interventions, partnering with schools, or predicting the needs of a society during and after significant upheaval, Satya brings years of knowledge and dedication in implementing effective, compassionate solutions.


Our organization is a passion project of multiple distinguished mental health providers with years of experience bringing ideas to fruition. They include Dr. Bruce Wermuth, Dr. Karthik Sethuram, Maritza Silapasvang LMFT, Mariya Pavlovsky, LMFT and Eugene Tilman,  


Dr. Wermuth brings his extensive knowledge in treating several high risk groups, through his past work as Medical Director of Community Solutions and staff psychiatrist/consultant at Bridge Counseling Center, Child Guidance at Juvenile Hall, and through his current role as medical director of Los Gatos Therapy Center.


Dr. Sethuram provides mastery of the latest modalities of care in his work with children, teenagers, and adults, as exemplified in his taking care of several underserved populations throughout his career at the VA, Los Angeles and Fresno Counties, and Hope Services (a specialized clinic for those with developmental disabilities).


Maritza Silapasvang LMFT has been a key resource in implementing the multiple moving parts necessary to mobilize care through non-profit systems, which she has long been part of as a counselor, supervising clinician, and manager.

Eugene Tilman brings his knowledge of business administration and relationship development to the  mental health field.  His experience and role as the Executive Director at Los Gatos Therapy Center has  been essential in identifying system gaps and solutions to address the need of patients served.

With this background, we and our esteemed colleagues have created a unique lens through which complex problems are diligently addressed with concrete, patient-centered solutions. Our ultimate goal is to serve the Silicon Valley (and beyond) through the avenues of direct care, mental health first aid, and education. Every need requires sensitivity and every person deserves empathy. That is our truth. That is our promise.


Bruce Wermuth, MD

Karthik Sethuram, DO

Our board brings over 60 years of combined knowledge and experience to enhance the mental health experience.

Eugene Tilman
Maritza Silapasvang
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